Thursday, 23 January 2014

In a World...

In a world where men dominate the positions for voiceover artist in trailers, just like the one we live in now, one woman (Lake Bell) decides to follow her dream and auditions for the role as voiceover artist for a trailer for a romantic comedy, and after a successful audition she gets the gig. Carol Solomon impresses producers so much that she has a chance to provide a voiceover for the upcoming trailers for the Amazon Games, one of the biggest literacy phenomenons in memory. Up against her is the next Don LaFontaine and her own father (Fred Melamed).
In a World certainly has a feminist aspect to its story, which is appropriate in today’s climate in which the awareness of a lack of women in notable jobs in the film industry has increased. In a World tells a story of a woman trying to make a success of herself in an occupation that is dominated by men, the occupation of voiceover artist for trailers perhaps serves as a metaphor for other industries in which the top jobs are often filled by men. The constant lack of support that Carol receives from her own father does some damage to Carol, but it allows the audience to engage with Carol and her dreams, willing her to become successful, creating genuine interest in the character.

The film diverts from the central plot to discuss a number of relationships between characters within the film without being confusing or episodic. The relationship between Carol and her sister, Dani (Michaela Watkins), is well written, the relationship between Dani and her husband (Rob Corddry) is a poignant and touching one and the relationship between Carol and her father (who constantly advises her against any possibility of furthering her career) is also interestingly told. In a World is billed as a romantic comedy, it is often funny (Eva Longoria’s cameo is glorious) and the relationship between Louis (Demetri Martin) and Carol is a sweet one, but the film does not deviate too greatly from its central plot of female empowerment in a male dominated world.

Sometimes cynical and sometimes sweet and charming, Lake Bell shines superbly in both writing, directing and acting; In a World shows us a world of filmmaking we don’t often see in an enjoyable and highly engaging way.


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  1. Lake Bell was good in this, and the trailer she voiced for did look pretty awesome I'll haft to admit