Wednesday, 7 October 2015

31 Days of Horror: Day Seven - Storage 24

I was rather surprised to find that on IMDB this entertaining Sci-fi horror was rated a lowly 4.4, normally a rating that low is only reserved for some true dross. That considered some pretty decent horror films have such a staggeringly low rating one wonders how many non genre fans actually watched them thus skewering the validity of such a rating for horror fans. Anywho, this fun horror/sc-fi flick is set in storage house where an alien life form is running amok following a plane crash where it was the cargo. Inside are a group of survivors trying to avoid the creature that's hell bent on killing them.

This British horror film can't be said to be from the less is more school of filmmaking as it doesn't take long to get a good look at the alien. Whilst the alien is a pretty cool design too much exposure to said alien gives enough time for the ropey special effects to make the film look like something you could find on the sci-fi channel, though it would be at the upper end of the spectrum in terms of quality. The alien itself is clearly modelled on the alien found in the Alien franchise, particularly how it uses vents to quickly travel around the storage facility. 

Director Johannes Roberts does a good job at managing the tension and the drama between the characters. He also does a good job at balancing the humour and horror, and whilst the film isn't greatly scary there is sufficient tension and a good level of humour, especially when the alien is confused (Netflix subtitled the alien here with 'confused growl') by the appearance of a yapping, toy dog. 

Arguably, the film could have done without a certain subplot, but this subplot does help build the central character, Charlie (Noel Clarke), from whining man-child to a hero. Good performances by the cast and an effective balancing of humour and horror makes this underrated and underappreciated British Sc-fi horror a great deal of fun.


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