Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Women in Black: Angel of Death

One of the most controversial classifications that the BBFC have given over the past few years was the 12A rating handed to The Women in Black. Despite cuts to make it suitable for a 12A release the BBFC still received over 100 compliments by people with nothing better to do other than moan about the film's lowly rating in relation to its subject matter. The BBFC, one of the strictest film classification bodies in the Western World, have often been far too liberal for the rightwing press (Daily Mail for instance) and it's still clear that even today they put far too much emphasis on a vocal minority easily swung by journalist hacks writing hyperbolic headlines.

The Woman in Black: The Angel of Death received a 15 rating from the BBFC, and despite the higher age rating the sequel is a less effective film than its predecessor because the sequel lacks the slow building, chilling tension of the first film. Many ghost stories are spectacularly well shot, it gives the viewer time to take in the great set designs and eerie setting and The Women in Black: Angel of Death is no different. Whilst the film isn't lacking is handsome visuals, it is lacking in genuine frights and scares. With exception to two or three good scenes, the film's scares are so generic and predictable that they are generally ineffective.

The performances are serviceable enough, but this rather pointless sequel, that effectively cashes in on the Daniel Radcliffe powered original, doesn't try to get out of its comfort zone and stays rigidly within the realms passable but ultimately easily forgettable entertainment.


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