Saturday, 24 October 2015


I recently just started a new job in London so I had to move to a new house which didn't have any internet until yesterday. That explains my absence and the abandoning of 31 Days of Horror project.

There's a cheap knock off version of the film Legend where the Kray brothers aren't even played by identical twins or even by the same actor, luckily such stupidly isn't in the Brain Helgeland film Legend as, with the help of computer wizardy, Tom Hardy plays both Kray brothers as they rise to the top of the London criminal underworld. Reginald's relationship with his wife also plays a strong factor in the story as the two brothers try to gain control of London's criminal underworld.

LA Confidential writer Brain Helgeland returns to the director's chair for the third time and crafts an enjoyable, amusing and exciting crime thriller about the rise of the notorious Kray twins of London.  Legend is a crime film influenced by the likes of Goodfellas, there's a cracking one shot take of Reginald Kray walking through his club - a shot very similar to that one shot take in Goodfellas.

Having penned the likes of LA Confidential and Mystic River, Brian Helgeland has proven himself to be an excellent writer. In Legend, Helgeland appears to be on fine form as, with the assistance of Tom Hardy, he makes Reginald Kray a charismatic and likeable figure despite his involvement in violent crime. However, the longer the film goes on and Reginald becomes more and more like his psychotic and irrational brother the less likeable Reginald becomes. This has an affect on the film as the less likeable Reginald becomes and less enjoyable the film becomes too.

Like Goodfellas, Legend is also a darkly funny film, but also like Goodfellas Helgeland arguably strays into dangerous territory by glamorising the lifestyle of the Kray twins. Whilst being a very violent film, you don't feel that the examination of the violence has strong bite as it's played most for laughs, and the small amount of screen time devoted to the wife beating aspect of Reginald; and Frances' (Emily Browning) marriage feels as though the film to just a tad too comfortable ignoring that aspect. That said, however, many of Scorcese's classic crime thrillers also arguably glamorised crime, particularly Goodfellas.

Tom Hardy is superb in both leading roles as he plays both brothers, both of whom have different personalities ranging from more rational and calculated to irrational and outright psychotic. Emily Browning is also excellent playing Frances, the closest thing the film has to a moral compass, as she is able to bring a lot of sympathy to the role.

Legend is flashy and fun, but a little shallow, however, Tom Hardy's performance as both of the Kray twins makes the film one worth watching.


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