Friday, 25 November 2016

Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies

There’s literally hundreds of zombie movies out, some of which stink out the genre with its foul, rotting stench so strong that the film was probably dead on arrival. With Night of Something Strange, The ReZort, Train to Busan, and Viral all coming out in the same year you could probably make a comprehensive top 10 Zombie films of 2016 alone. Joke titles are a thing too, think Cockneys vs Zombies or Juan of the Dead (even the Cuban film industry are getting on the act) and now we have The Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies…with a distinct lack of lederhosen.

A young couple finds themselves stuck up the top of the Austrian mountains in the middle of a zombie outbreak caused by some green goo that’s used to power a snow machine, which is vital in keeping the business running due to the melting snow as a result of global warming. It’s tough to be completely original in a subgenre that overinflated with the same movies. Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies is formulaic in the way it begins with the zombie disease spreading when bitten by a zombie, and thus a little slow to get going, but it does pick up when the gore levels slowly increase.

Gory kills are all done by weapons you’d expected to be used, snow machines, ski poles and snowboards are all in the arsenal of the group of survivors trying to fight their way out of this zombie outbreak in the Austrian Alps. The film makes effective use of the delightfully gory practical effects despite the film’s low budget and there’s a lot of pleasure to be gained watching zombie be impaled by a pair of ski poles.

The performances by Gabriele Marcinkova and Laurie Calvert are fine but become the film’s undoing as they are somewhat lacking in a comic touch sorely needed for this horror-comedy to stand up above the rest. Watching the zombies slip and slide on the ice is fun to watch, but the wooden performances do let the film down after the decent practical effects work made this a worthwhile investment of your time.



  1. Lol this title. I'm sorry it wasn't more fun. I hate when something dampens good camp.

    1. Lol. I swear, the better the title the crappier the film

  2. Lol I'd watch this film only for the title.