Thursday, 20 April 2017

Thursday Movie Picks: A Disappearance

A new week means a new Thursday Movie Picks. This week is all about disappearances. This is gonna be short and sweet. 

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 The first pick is a classic from The Netherlands. The Vanishing is famed for its brutal, but simple ending which will knock the wind from you.

This bizarre documentary is about a Texas boy who vanishes from his family home. He is ‘replaced’ by a Frenchman over twenty years his senior but the family appear to accept him as the missing Texas boy. Doesn't make sense even if you watch it.

Beyond the Gates is what Jumanji would look like if it was a horror film. Two brothers investigate the disappearance of their father and their investigation leads them to this mysterious video game.


  1. I'm so watching Beyond the Gates. It sounds fun!

  2. Unfortunately I've seen none of these...well I saw the American remake of The Vanishing and hated it so I never pursued the original.
    This is the second mention of The Imposter today, it's in my queue but haven't gotten there yet. Beyond the Gates sounds rather crazy but different to be sure.

    This week enabled me to use one of my top 20 favorite films, my first pick, so yay to that! I don't feel as passionately about my other two but they're good films.

    Missing (1982)-A young American couple Charlie and Beth Horman (John Shea & Sissy Spacek) are living in Chile while he works as a freelance writer observing the political situation. Suddenly they are caught in a coup and when Beth returns home one day their house is ransacked and Charlie is missing. When word reaches the States his disapproving father Ed (Jack Lemmon) arrives looking for answers. Despite assurances by the authorities that everything is being done an unbelieving Beth and increasingly doubtful Ed begin their own search, as they come to understand each other at last Ed’s eyes are opened to facts that go against everything he believes in. Riveting fact based drama directed by Costa-Gravas earned four Oscar nominations-Best Actor & Actress for Lemmon and Spacek as well as a Best Adaptation and a Best Picture nod.

    Without a Trace (1983)-Susan Selky (Kate Nelligan) helps her six year old son Alex get ready and watches him set off on the three block walk to school in their affluent New York City neighborhood but he never makes it. When he doesn’t return home at the appointed hour she slowly comes to the realization that something is terribly wrong and contacts the police. Both she and her husband (David Dukes) are immediately suspected, when it becomes clear they aren’t involved the police follow other leads but the case soon turns cold. For everyone that is but Susan who becomes so determined in her pursuit she pushes almost everyone including her husband and good friend (Stockard Channing) away. However with the assistance of one detective who also won’t give up (Judd Hirsch) she presses on determined to have some resolution whatever that may be. Exceptionally well-acted but a tough watch.

    The Seventh Victim (1943)-Mary Gibson (Kim Hunter) arrives in New York City intent on locating her sister Jacqueline who has disappeared. As she starts searching she meets resistance from all quarters including her sister’s husband. As she delves deeper into the mystery she discovers a connection to devil worship and begins to fear for her own safety. Low budget noir produced by Val Lewton has a nice sense of dread and looks at a provocative subject for a forties film. This was future Oscar winner Hunter’s screen debut.

  3. Haven't seen any of these, but Beyond the Gates sound fun, right? I'm gonna give it a go!

  4. I haven't seen any of these or heard of them actually. The Middle film reminds me of that film with Angelina Jolie where her son disappears and she is told to accept this other boy as her own...based on a true story

  5. YES! SPOORLOOS!!! I almost picked it but I picked it in a previous week a while back. It's so freaking good, a perfect mystery.

  6. I am definitely intrigued by The Imposter! If it's half as bizarre as everyone says it is, it's definitely not one to be missed. :-)

  7. I also picked The Imposter. You're right. It makes no sense, whatsoever.

  8. Oh, man! I haven't even heard of them!