Thursday, 19 March 2015


Nicky (Will Smith) recruits a young and promising Jess (Margot Robbie) to his crime outfit of pick pocketing, distraction and credit card theft. Nicky and Jess become involved romantically and following millions of dollars of dirty money raised Nicky leaves Jess will a healthy sum of money before going his own separate way. Three years later Nicky is in the middle of a con, but the arrival of Jess looks like it will throw the whole con into jeopardy.

Like the crime capers such as the likes of Oceans 11, Focus is slick and stylish and the film almost revels in the various pick pocketing and distraction antics used to pinch phones, bags, keys and credit cards. Focus has a great visual appeal and Will Smith and Margot Robbie have a fine chemistry as they bounce off each other rather well. However, it feels that the slick, shiny sheen of the film's visual appeal is used to cover the lack of depth and inconsistently paced central story. The pace of the central story is held up by the romantic aspects of the story, they just aren't interesting even despite the good chemistry of the stars who do work well in other aspects of the film. That said Focus, for its flaws, is a rather fun film and often amusing.


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